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Tuesday, January 2, 2018

emergency VETS for Merida Mexico

If there is an emergency situation and your pet needs help... If in the stress of the moment you had only a few moments to make a decision. If making the right phone call to the right VET made the difference between your dog living or dying. If in the moment you could only call one VET and only one... Which VET would you call? Which VET do you trust with the life of your pet?
In an absolute emergency which VET has the resources and the medical knowledge to make the right decisions that will help your pet live through a life threatening situation? . If picking the right vet can be life and death...  Which VET would you choose in Merida?
This is the information on VETS that was shared by individuals living in Merida. If anyone wishes to add more information please add it in the comment section:
  • Planned Pethood...  Please note: You have to call the emergency number and then wait and then go there, and someone will open the clinic after hours. It's not a quick or easy. Emergency number... Urgencias: (999) 156-9806
  • Pets & Company... http://www.petsandcompany.com/index.htm ... Dr. Dr. Sanda Leguzman
  • https://www.facebook.com/PlanetaAnimalVeterinary/ ... Dr Julio...he makes Emergency house calls in Centro.
  • https://www.facebook.com/veterinariamalaga/ ...  Dr.Pablo
  • Hospital Veterinario Peninsular...  Dr. Oscar
  • Clinic of dr Enrique Novelo...  Dr Enrique Novelo
  • Veterinaria Planeta Animal ...  Dr Julio Basulto Poot ... Doctor does seminars. Facebook page states which new seminars/ lectures doctor is giving currently.

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